Past Fellows


Picture of La Marr Jurelle Bruce
LaMarr Jurelle Bruce
, Associate Professor, American Studies, University of Maryland

Project: “The Afromantic”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Mejdulene B. Shomali, Assistant Professor, Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies

Fall 2021


Picture of Mark Villegas

Mark Villegas, Assistant Professor, American Studies, Franklin and Marshall College

Project: “Geek Hop: Discipline, Science, and Orientalism in Hip Hop Culture”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Earl Brooks, Assistant Professor, English

Fall 2021


Picture of Morgan Smalls

Morgan Smalls, Assistant Professor, School of Media Arts and Design, James Madison University

Project: “Exploring HBO’s Insecure and Black Women in media”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Michelle Scott, Associate Professor, History

Spring 2022


Picture of Vanessa Wills

Vanessa Wills, Associate Professor, Philosophy, George Washington University

Project: “Black Woman Marxists on Race, Gender, and Class”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Michael Nance, Associate Professor, Philosophy

Spring 2022

Gina Lewis
, Associate Professor, Fine and Performing Arts, Bowie State University

Project: “Chesapeake & Ohio Canal National Historic Park Ethnohistory: African American Communities in Context”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Denise Meringolo, Associate Professor and Director of Public History, History

Fall 2020


Krista Johnson, Associate Professor, African Studies, Howard University

Project: “Theorizing Racial Segregation and Imperialism in South Africa: The Travel Notes of Two African American Scholars – Ralph Bunche and Merze Tate”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Derek Musgrove, Associate Professor, History

Spring 2021


Chisu Teresa Ko, Associate Professor, Modern Languages and Latin American Studies, Ursinus College

Project: “Argentina: Race in a Raceless Nation”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Fan Yang, Associate Professor, Media and Communication Studies

Spring 2021


William Youmans, Associate Professor, Media and Public Affairs, George Washington University

Project: “Murder, Media & Memory: An Unsolved 1985 Assassination and the Arab-American Community Today”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Rebecca Adelman, Associate Professor, Media and Communication Studies

Spring 2021

Dr. Elizabeth Groeneveld
Assistant Professor, Women’s Studies
Old Dominion University

Project: “Embodying Lesbianism: How 1980s Lesbian-Made Pornography Reimagined Sex and Power”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Kate Drabinski,Principal Lecturer of Gender, Women’s, + Sexuality Studies and Director of the Women Involved in Learning and Leadership (WILL) Program

Dr. Tracy Perkins
Assistant Professor, Sociology and Criminology
Howard University

Project: “Digital Ward Valley and the Fight to Protect Tribal Lands”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Dillon Madmoudi, Assistant Professor of Geography and Environmental Systems

Fall 2019

Katherine Bankole-Medina
Professor, History, Coppin State University

Project: “African Americans as Specimens, Objects, and Agents: Race and Clinical Care in the Maryland Medical Journal, 1877-1918″

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Shawn Bediako, Professor, Psychology


Theresa Runstedtler
Associate Professor, History
American University

Project: “Black Ball: Rethinking the ‘Dark Ages’ of Professional Basketball”

UMBC Faculty Collaborator: Dr. Nicole King, Chair and Associate Professor, American Studies