Meet Our Current Fellows

Sabah Uddin, a Middle Eastern woman, is standing outside in front of palm trees. She is smiling and is wearing a blue button-up shirt and silver hoop earrings.Sabah Uddin
Assistant Professor, Language, Literature, and Cultural Studies
Bowie State University

Project: “Exploring the Art of Digital Protest: The Unbecoming of British Muslims”

This project explores the ways in which British Muslims make use of digital media for an active process of both “unmaking” and “self-making,” and examines how expressive digital technologies can enable and restrict performances of identity.

Fall 2022

Eun-Jeon Hong, a Korean woman with shoulder-length dark hair and glasses, is smiling. She is wearing a navy blue top with a stone-colored blazer on top.Eun-Jeong Han
Associate Professor, Communications
Salisbury University

Project: “Female Korean-American small business owners or employees’ interracial/interethnic experiences at workplace”

This project studies Korean American women’s interracial and interethnic lived experiences in the workplace, and considers how the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated racism, impacted the economic health of small businesses, and complicated gender dynamics.

Spring 2023