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UMBC campuses are closed, but courses are now online and employees are working remotely.

Past Visiting Fellows

Katherine Bankole-Medina and Theresa Runstedtler
Inaugural Inclusion Imperative Visiting Faculty Fellows for 2018-2019

Dr. Katherine Bankole-Medina (left), Professor of History at Coppin State University: “African Americans as Specimens, Objects, and Agents: Race and Clinical Care in the Maryland Medical Journal, 1877-1918,” is a 40-year account of the lives of African Americans, drawn from the Maryland Medical Journal. Dr. Bankole-Medina’s faculty collaborator was Dr. Shawn Bediako, Associate Professor of Psychology, and coordinator of UMBC’s Collaborative for the Interdisciplinary Promotion of Health Equity Research (CIPHER).


Dr. Theresa Runstedtler (right), Associate Professor of History at American University: “Black Ball: Rethinking the “Dark Ages” of Professional Basketball,” explores the intersection of blackness, masculinity, labor, and criminalization through the lens of 1970s professional basketball. Dr. Runstedtler’s faculty collaborator was Dr. Nicole King, Associate Professor and Chair of American Studies.